About FRCShirt.trade

FRCShirt.trade is a site that aims to take some of the hassle out of the long-standing tradition of trading shirts in FRC. It aims to help FRC participants, volunteers, and mentors find items they'd like to trade and coordinate those trades before competitions even start.

Site Policies

• Money may never be involved in a trade that originates from this site.

• We will not sell your email or display it publicly, but if you accept someone's trade offer, your email address will be sent to them so that they can discuss the trade with you.

• Don't post items to trade that you do not actually own. Don't harass other users of the site. Use your powers for good, not evil. To summarize, don't be a jerk, and everything will be fine.

Trading on FRCShirt.trade is easy!

1. List Your Items

Head over to the Add Items page, and post a picture and a description of the items you'd be willing to trade this season.

2. Browse and Search

Use our Home and Search pages to see what items others have posted.

3. Offer a Trade

Once you find an item you would like to trade for, head to its page and offer one of your items for a trade. If the item's owner accepts, you'll get their email address so you can work out the details.